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GM Publishers is your best companion to write  academic assignment, research paper, report, non-academic report, article, SEO supported web contents & blog, business plan, marketing plan, management, project management  and technical reports. We also offer management consultation for our clients at a reasonable price. 

We Also Provide Business Plan, Project Management Plan and Proposal Writing Support for our Customers

Here, you’ll get any type of business or marketing plan writing and development supports at a cheap price. Our dedicated team also provides support to develop your project plan or proposal, business proposal, technical plan, IT policy development, HRM plan and policy development etc. supports in 24/7.  However, we also publish various fictional, non-fictional and technical books based on our research works on Amazon Kindle in every year.

24/7 Academic Writing Support

Our dedicated writer teams offer 24/7 academic writing support. You can order us to complete any of your assignment, project report, research report, Power Point Presentation, e-Poster etc. any time.

Business Writing & Researching

Our business writers can complete your organizational report, business plan, marketing plan, project management report, business proposal based on your requirements. You will get professional business writing support from us. We also provide online market research support for our customers.

Management, Marketing & Project Management Consultations

We have skilled management, marketing, risk management, ICT, HRM and project management consultants who've already worked with industries leading companies. All you need to do is just contact us for your desired business and management consultation seasons. Our hard working consultants can solve your issues professionally and recommend you best possible solution for your organization.

SEO Oriented Article, Blog, Web Content Writing & WordPress Website Development

Are you looking for SEO oriented Article, Blog & Web Content at a cheap price. We're here to help you out with professional support. Our expert writers can develop marketable SEO oriented Article, Blog & Web Content based on your requirements. We also help our customers to develop WordPress Website at a reasonable price.

Technical, Legal, Product Description & Manual Writings

We have a group specialized writers who have the ability write any technical report, research papers, document etc. Our policy writers can help you to develop your policy, privacy documents and other legal documents. We also write product description and product manual for our clients.


GM Publishers, The Publisher of Popular Books!

We believe developing story can make new history. That’s why our slogan is ‘My Book, My Life’.   Life is fruitless without knowledge, true knowledge can enlighten your mind. Thus, our writers have published several fictional, non-fictional, technical books from our publication service associated with Amazon Kindle & Createspace.

We Provides All Facilities For Better Work Environment

Better work environment is necessary for any organization. An organization should ensure better work environment for their personnel. We assist the industries leading companies to develop better Annual Report, HRM Policy, IT Policy, IT Risk Management Report, Compliance Report etc. to ensure better work environment for the employees at a  reasonable price.


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You'll get professional research and business consultation supports from us.

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Friendly Price Package

We offer most competitive pricing for our services.​​

Affordable Pricing for You!

Our pricing strategy for different services is as follows:

  • For 1000 words academic and non-academic writing we charge $20 & $25 respectively.
  • For Business Plan, Policy, Marketing Plan, HRM Policy etc. our pricing starts from $200.
  • For Management Consultation  our pricing starts from $300.
  • For 1000 words SEO oriented blog, article & web contents writing our  pricing starts from $25.
  • For WordPress Website Development, we charge $200.
  • For IT Policy, IT Risk Management Policy  & Annual Report, our pricing starts from $500
Varieties of Service Packages
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