Pricing Plans

We have several packages which are absolutely suitable for you. Our pricing plan is developed by considering  your financial condition, position and purchase power.   

Works Has Never Felt So Good

GM Publishers offers the best competitive pricing for the new and existing customers.


Individual Service Package

If you're a student, researcher, sole proprietor or individual customer, you can easily avail this package. You can hire us to complete your works under this package. We offer 10% discount for the students.

Organizational Service Package

This service package is available for the companies, NGOs, Govt. & Non-Govt organizations. Your company can hire us to complete their works under this package. We offer 5% discount for organizational service package holders


PRO Service Package

PRO means Professional Service Package. This package is recommended for those people who want to complete their tasks on be half of their companies or organizations. You will get 5% discount if you hold this package.


Great Place to Move Forward With Your Projects!

GM Publishers offers unbelievable pricing plans for its individual, organizational and PRO customers. You can avail any package with a discounted price by directly contact us.  

People Who Love Our Services

We’re working with world’s leading organization with good feedback. These are our some valuable customers who’re regularly hiring us for their projects.

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