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Introducing our new Novel “Survival of USA: Emergence of Unknown Defenders”

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Recently our author Ghazi Mokammel Hossain (G. Hossain) published a trilling novel called ” Survival of USA: Emergence of Unknown Defenders’ on amazon kindle in kindle and paperback formats. This is a novel that exposes who’re behind the war and terrorism in entire world with a fine fictional story line. You know some novels are based on true incidents and events. The same lines are valid for this novel as well. Because the novel expose the faces of warlords and their secret agendas. This is the latest edition of the same novel “Survival of USA” & “Anwar: Emergence of Unknown Defenders” which were published back in 2015 and 2016. In this latest edition, the author has been refined, edited and updated all grammatical and other mistakes. He also added some new depth story lines in the existing story that made it more thrilling and enjoyable to the reader. The book has been received warm welcome from the kindle readers communities. Following figure is showing rank of the book on kindle after the publication of this latest edition:

Survival of USA: Emergence of Unknown Defenders Kindle Free Book Ranking

According to the above figure, you can seen the novel has been achieved 71st & 82nd positions respectively in the Military Thrillers and Terrorism Thrillers (Kindle Store) categories. These rankings show that the novel is doing great on the amazon kindle store as it got good acceptances from the readers of the whole world. The author G. Hossain said it’s the final edition of his novel; he would write the next part of this novel for the readers if they accept this complex story positively. The summary of this great novel is as follows:

November 12, 2025, a massive terrorist attack breaks down the entire defense of US capital Washington, D.C. The attack is led by the former chief of the SSIA, and a retired Israeli air marshal supported by some terrorists and number of corrupted government personnel who call themselves “The Red Army”. The entire Washington, D.C. is turned into a remote island. The Red Army tries to create anarchism in the US and the entire world. This crisis improvises the chance of Word War III. DC Central Detention Facility’s prisoner Anwar who’s accused of false terrorism case is abruptly involved in this crisis situation with some other prisoners. He was a Palestinian citizen who lost everything in the 2014 Israeli airstrike. This crisis makes them legends….


The author has already been written several non-fiction books and published those on amazon kindle as well. But this was his first novel and maiden fictional book that had been published on amazon kindle by the GM Publishers. Please go to the following link If you would like to purchase or free download the book from amazon kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09TLG4KXN . The kindle book preview of this novel is given below:

So grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the time by reading this beautiful novel as it’ll reveal the conspiracy theories that exist in the USA and entire world. And, it’ll let you know who’re behind all these terrorism and war in the entire globe.

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